Menu Sample

To Start

Monkfish and Lobster Fusion £12.25

Monkfish garnished with lobster and sea food soup

Warm Teriyaki Beef Salad £7.25

Strips of fillet steak in our teriyaki marinade with a superfood salad

Salt and Pepper Chicken £7.95

Battered strips of chicken served with fresh chilli and garlic

Seared Scallops £12.95

Hand-dived king scallops with beetroot textures 

The Mains

Twelve Black Cod Misu £32.95

Fillet of black cod, marinated for 24 hours and served with seared vegetables

Beef Stroganoff £18.95

Flambéed strips of fillet mignon in a creamy sauce served with steamed rice

Winter Corn-Fed Chicken £18.25

Corn-fed chicken on a bed of seared greens, traditional Irish champ and valet wine sauce 

Fillet Steak £29.95

7-day hanged and 28-day matured fillet steak with a side and sauce of your choice